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Important Course Information offers one course with 13 lessons. Each lesson has an introductory video, course content, resources and a quiz. Once all lesson quizzes are completed, students can access the final exam. The registration cost includes access to all coursework, resources, quizzes and the final exam.

Please note that throughout the course and in the resources section of each lesson, text that appears pink indicates a link to an outside website where content was referenced from. These resources are provided for you to further your learning experience.

When progressing through the course, you must mark each lesson complete to continue to the next lesson. Lessons must be completed in order. Upon completing each lesson, you will return to the lesson overview page. You will find the link to the lesson quiz at bottom of the page.

You can retake quizzes until you have mastered the content in each lesson, however you may only take the final exam one time. A passing score of at least 75% on the final exam is required to earn your certificate.

Once you purchase the course, simply log back into the site and visit the course page to access the content and begin your professional nanny training.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Unit 1: Basic Child Safety


Unit 2: Children’s Health


Unit 3: Nutrition and the Young Child


Unit 4 : Emergency Readiness


Unit 5 : Physical Development of Children


Unit 6 : Cognitive Development of Children


Unit 7 : Social and Emotional Development in Children


Unit 8 : Language and Literacy Development in Children


Unit 9 : Creating Environments That Encourage Learning


Unit 10 : The Importance of Routines in Childhood


Unit 11 : Discipline in Nanny Care


Unit 12 : Special Situations


Unit 13 : Professionalism for Nannies


Unit 14 : Final Exam

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