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Nanny Certificate Course


20 Clock Hours Nanny Certificate Course Overview

The content of this certificate program was designed by Michelle LaRowe, parenting author, award-winning nanny and recognized nanny industry expert. The course was designed specifically for nannies and addresses the following topics:

Unit 1: Basic Child Safety
Unit 2: Children’s Health
Unit 3: Nutrition and the Young Child
Unit 4: Emergency Readiness
Unit 5: Physical Development
Unit 6: Cognitive Development
Unit 7: Social and Emotional Development
Unit 8: Language and Literacy Development
Unit 9: Creating Environments that Encourage Learning
Unit 10: The Importance of Routines in Childhood
Unit 11: Discipline in Nanny Care
Unit 12: Unique Situations
Unit 13: Professionalism for Nannies

scored a passing grade on the final exam for this course and was issued this certificate from on .

This certificate indicates has successfully completed the Nanny Certificate course.

The curriculum in this course aligns with the US Nanny Association National Standards and the clock hours from this course are accepted towards the Basic Nanny and Childcare Provider (BNCP) Credential.

Michelle LaRoweNanny Certificate Course