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NAN: Avoiding Poor Eating Habits

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Nannies can help children develop healthy eating habits based on hunger rather than on emotional needs. 

Children should not be forced to eat when they are not hungry. Instead, children should be encouraged to eat when they are hungry and to stop eating when they feel satisfied. Forcing children to clean their plates, for example, can encourage overeating and override a child’s ability to trust when he’s feeling full.

Nannies should take note of weight loss or the lack of expected weight gain, a sudden change in eating habits, a sudden increase in physical exercise, signs a child has a distorted body image, and signs that a child is showing anxiety around food and address her observations with the parents immediately. 

Nannies can also to build the self-esteem of the children in their care and encourage healthy attitudes about nutrition and appearance. According to KidsHealth, these can be effective strategies in preventing children from developing an eating disorder. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Avoiding Poor Eating Habits