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NAN: Bicycle and Scooter Safety

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Nannies are often charged with teaching children to ride a bike or scooter or supervising such activities. Children should be fitted with a bicycle helmet to reduce the risk of head or brain injury from falls related to riding a bicycle or scooter. A properly fitting helmet should not slip around on the child’s head, but should cover the child’s head comfortably.

When choosing a helmet, look for a sticker from The Snell Memorial Foundation or the American National Standards Institute. These stickers indicate that the helmets meet or exceed their standards.

Elbow and knee guards should also be worn to protect the child’s skin from scrapes and bruises. If children are required to use these protective devices from the moment they begin to ride a bicycle or scooter they are less likely to resist using protection as they become older.

Nannies should be mindful to set a safe example for the children in their care. Nannies should always use the proper equipment and practice and encourage safe riding. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Bicycle and Scooter Safety