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NAN: Burns

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Burns, especially those from scalding liquids or hot foods are common during the early years. Most burns children incur are the result of spills from hot liquids or foods. Avoid heating hot liquids while holding an infant or small child to reduce the risk of accidental spills and burns. Testing the temperature of warmed milk or formula on the inside of your wrist prior to serving it to a baby can help to prevent scalds from hot liquids. Avoid heating these liquids, along with baby food, in the microwave because hot spots can occur. Instead, heat bottles or jarred food by placing the bottle or jar into a container of warm water.

Whenever there are children in the home it is good practice to turn the water thermostat down to prevent hot water scalds and burns. The Burn Foundation recommends that thermostats be turned to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns. Nannies should talk to the family about the water thermostat temperature and encourage them to turn their thermostat down if necessary. Anti-scald devices can also be added to tub faucets and shower heads as a safety precaution.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Burns