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NAN: Burping a Baby

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Since babies may swallow air during feedings, they can benefit from being burped as burping can help to expel any excess air that has been trapped inside a baby’s stomach during a feeding. 

Since breastfed infants typically swallow less air than bottled fed infants, because the flow of milk can be better controlled and the infant can swallow at her own pace, bottle fed babies tend to benefit most from burping and should be burped after eating two to three ounces during feedings. Nursing babies can be burped when they switch breasts, advises to the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

To burp a baby, hold the baby so that the infant’s head rests on your shoulder or by placing the baby across your lap – as pressure on the baby’s stomach can help to release air. You can also sit the baby on your lap, cradling his chin in the palm your hand and resting the heel of your hand on his chest. Rub or pat the baby’s back gently to help encourage the baby to burp. 


Michelle LaRoweNAN: Burping a Baby