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NAN: Consideration of Developmental Stages in Discipline

When caregivers have an understanding of what can be expected at each stage of development, they are better able to interpret children’s behavior and guide them towards making healthy and acceptable behavioral choices. 

When a nanny understands that during toddlerhood a child may have tantrums when he’s feeling frustrated, for example, she is better able to guide the child through his frustration rather than respond to the tantrum in anger or frustration. When a nanny understands basic child development she is able to interpret the behavior as a sign of frustration rather than as the child intentionally trying to be “bad”. 

When a nanny has a working knowledge of child development she is able to more effectively decode a child’s behavior and determine and address the child’s underlying need that is being expressed through his behavior. When a nanny realizes that a toddler is having a tantrum at the grocery store because they ventured out during naptime, she can better guide the child through the situation by responding sympathetically to his need for nap rather than out of anger or frustration because he’s acting out.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Consideration of Developmental Stages in Discipline