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NAN: Daily Health Checks

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Nannies work intimately with the children in their care and as such, can often detect changes in a child’s health. The more familiar you are with a child’s typical physical and emotional health and well-being, the better able you will be to detect subtle changes. 

At the beginning of each day, nannies should thoroughly check over each child in her care to gather important information about his physical well-being.  With a quick once-over, a nanny can check a child’s general appearance and look for any scrapes, bruises, injuries or any areas that have swelling or redness. Any areas of concern should be relayed to the parents. 

By keeping a detailed journal, nannies can track a child’s eating, sleeping patterns, toileting patterns and moods, all of which can provide insight into a child’s health. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Daily Health Checks