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NAN: Discipline and Adolescents and Teens

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During the adolescent and teen years, children are growing in their independence and in their desire to develop their own identity. Offering acceptable choices will go a long way in helping to avoid power struggles with children in this age group. 

Withholding privileges to guide behavior can also work well for this age group. Both activities and items can be taken away when revoking privileges. For this strategy to be effective the privilege that is being revoked must be meaningful to the child. 

During this stage of development nannies and parents really need to work as a unified team to present behavioral expectations, house rules and consequences for breeching them. Nannies should also continue to build an open and honest relationship with the older children in their care. 

Parents and nannies should have an understanding in place for dealing with serious issues that may endanger the child like drinking, lying and stealing. If a nanny discovers a teen has been involved with a serious issue, she can give the child the opportunity to tell his parents before telling them herself. The child should know if he refuses, he leaves the nanny with no choice but to discuss the matter with his parents. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Discipline and Adolescents and Teens