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NAN: Discipline and Preschoolers

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During the preschool years, consequences can be used to guide behavior. Consequences can be natural or logical, but the important thing is that the consequence helps a child connect their actions to the results of their actions. 

If a child forgets to put away her toys and a toy gets stepped on and broken, that is a natural consequence. If the child forgets to put her toys away and a nanny intervenes and says “You can put your doll clothes away or I’ll need to take them away” she is outlining a logical consequence.

When child safety is at risk a nanny should offer logical consequences. For example, it a child breaks a toy and the broken toy is now a danger, the toy should be taken away. Getting hurt from continuing to play with a broken toy would be an inappropriate natural consequence. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Discipline and Preschoolers