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NAN: Diversities of Families

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Nannies work for families of a variety of different compositions, cultures, religions, ethnicities and lifestyles. Nannies may work for parents who are from a different culture or who have a different religious background, family makeup or sexual orientation than themselves. Nannies may work with traditional families, blended families, step-families, same sex couples, single parents or any combinations of these and more.

Each individual has values, biases and beliefs based on their own personal history and life experiences. Nannies are no exception. When interviewing for positions and working with families, nannies must be aware of their own values, biases and beliefs because they will form the basis of her expectations which will influence her judgments.  

In order to not compromise the quality of services they provide, nannies must be willing to understand the family’s perspective, respect their uniqueness and embrace any differences – all while honoring their commitment to providing the highest quality care.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Diversities of Families