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NAN: Documenting Health, Wellness and Medications

Nannies should document any changes in a child’s health or wellness.  Documenting changes in a child’s health can help a nanny to monitor any signs of illness or injury and provide a health history for her and the parents to refer back to should the child need medical care.

When nannies document changes in a child’s health it encourages all parents to track changes in a child’s symptoms. Documentation can also help to identify changes in behavior and help a nanny to notice any red flags related to a child’s health or development.

If a child is receiving medication, documenting doses can help to prevent overdoses and medication mix-ups. An accurate record should be kept of the time that a child was given medicine, the amount and type of medication that was given and who gave the child the medication to ensure the child receives the appropriate amount of medication and the correct number of doses.

Nannies should always have permission to administer medication to the children in her care. For children who have ongoing medical issues that require medication, nannies should be presented with written permission and instructions for administering medication. Nannies and families should also have a written policy in place regarding the administering of over the counter medications such as ibuprofen.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Documenting Health, Wellness and Medications