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NAN: Exploration

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With infants, active learning happens through exploration that is sensory based. Infants learn about objects by observing, listening, touching, mouthing, smelling and tasting. They learn textures, tastes, shapes and temperatures all by putting objects in their mouths. 

Allow infants to put age-appropriate objects that are clean, sturdy, non-toxic and bigger than the infant’s fists in his mouth. Be sure that inappropriate items are kept out of an infant’s reach.

Encourage development by providing supervised tummy time, by placing safe objects on the floor within reach of the infant and by giving the infant opportunities to explore age-appropriate objects. 

Nannies should work with parents to create a safe environment where children are able to explore. By having age-appropriate toys and activities available and by ensuring that play areas are free from hazards, nannies can help to foster exploration, growth and development. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Exploration