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NAN: Fostering Language Development 18 Months to 3 years

Nannies can help build a toddler’s vocabulary by focusing on his interests. If a child like animals, reading books, looking at pictures and singing songs about different types of animals will keep a child interested and engaged.

When toddlers start to speak they are likely to do so with pronunciation and grammatical errors. They may say things like “I eatted” or “I runned.” Resist the urge to directly correct the child or make fun of him for saying something silly as doing so could hamper language development by chipping away at his self-esteem.  Instead when a toddler uses toddler-speak and mispronounces words or displays grammatical errors, repeat back to him words and phrases with the correct pronunciation and grammar. Doing so will encourage the development of language skills while building his vocabulary and confidence. For example, if a toddler says “I sleeped” repeating back “That’s right you slept” and asking “Did you have a good nap?” will model correct language and help to expand vocabulary.  

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Fostering Language Development 18 Months to 3 years