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NAN: Furniture in the Home

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In the home environment children typically have access to many rooms throughout the day. Creating a safe environment for the children can encourage healthy exploration. According to the Center for Disease Control a child dies every two weeks when a television, piece of furniture or an appliance falls on him. Attaching heavy furniture and appliances to the wall can prevent tip over related injuries.

In addition to tip over injuries, children can be injured by the sharp corners of furniture by walking or falling into them. Corner guards and padding can prevent injuries related to the sharp corners of furniture. 

While tablecloths and runners are decorative, children can pull on them and the heavy or hot objects on them can fall onto them, resulting in injury. Encourage parents to avoid the use of these decorative items when younger children are in the home. 

Exercise equipment should be stored in a locked room because children can be injured by playing near or around it. Exercise equipment injuries can include strangulation, crush, pinch or burn injuries. According to an Australian study, treadmill friction injuries account for about 1% of all pediatric burns. 

When discarding unused appliances, appliances with doors should have their doors removed from the hinges to prevent injury, entrapment or death. Children should be advised not to play near discarded appliances. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Furniture in the Home