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NAN: Games and the School Aged Child

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Playing games can be an activity that nannies and school aged children enjoy together. School aged children are able to play more complex games than preschoolers and are beginning to enjoy the challenge of figuring out strategies. 

Simple card games like Go Fish! and Crazy 8s, guessing games like I Spy!, board games like Checkers and Connect Four and variations on Bingo! can be great fun for younger elementary school aged children. For older elementary school aged children, games like Chess, Scrabble and Monopoly may not only be fun, but can help children build analytical, organizational and creative skills. 

When a group of school aged children gather, they may wish to engage in group games like Tag or variations of it. In addition to providing active play, these games can teach teamwork, boost agility and strengthen motor skills. 

It’s important for nannies to note that since children like to win, they may try to change the rules during a game to give them an advantage. While it can be tempting to let the child change the rules or win, in doing so nannies miss out on the opportunity to teach important life lessons on good sportsmanship, including how to play fair and how to lose gracefully. By modeling good sportsmanship, like congratulating the winner, and by placing the focus on effort and fun, nannies can help children learn to be good sports. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Games and the School Aged Child