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NAN: Helping Teens Cope with Death

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, teens have an adult understanding of death. Like adults, teens may experience a wide range of emotions and may look for ways to escape the pain they are feeling or try to suppress their feelings entirely.  Teens may engage in risky activities  like smoking, self-injury or drug use, or express guilt about living. These are often an attempt to regain control and cope with emotions.

Nannies can support teens through the grieving process by giving them permission to grieve and by encouraging them to grieve in healthy ways. Exercising, listening to calming music and writing or journaling are examples of healthy ways to reduce stress, promote relaxation and express feelings.

Teens may also question their religious or spiritual beliefs and look for answers in those contexts. Nannies can provide appropriate guidance and resources, provided they have the approval of the parents.  

Most importantly nannies can support teens by being available to them to talk and listen. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Helping Teens Cope with Death