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NAN: In the Kitchen

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From hot ovens to sharp knives, the kitchen is full of potential child hazards. Using plastic stove knob covers and a stove shield can prevent a child from turning on the stove or oven and from touching a hot burner. Turning pot handles in over the stove when cooking can help to ensure hot handles are out of a young child’s reach, preventing accidental scalds and burns from hot metal, foods and liquids. 

Many homes are equipped with devices that provide instant boiling or hot water. Instant hot water dispensers, whether a faucet or part of a spring water dispenser, should not be accessible to children.

If cleaning supplies are stored in the kitchen, storing them in a locked cabinet out of reach is the best option. Cabinet locks are available for most any type of kitchen cabinet. 

Nannies should address any concerns about potential hazards in the kitchen with her employers. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: In the Kitchen