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NAN: Milestones

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As children get older they not only grow in size, they grow in their ability to do more complex things. To gauge how a child is developing, a pediatrician uses developmental milestones to track development. These milestones are a set of age-specific skills or tasks that most children can do during a specific age range. Each milestone involves greater strength and coordination.

Children who are born prematurely typically hit developmental milestones based on their corrected age. To determine a child’s corrected age, subtract the number of weeks the child was born early from her chronological age. This correction is typically carried through the first two to two and a half years when determining if children are meeting their developmental milestones, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Nannies should be knowledgeable about developmental milestones and should mention it to the parents if a child is not meeting milestones. The parents should be encouraged to mention any possible delays to the child’s pediatrician. While children may hit developmental milestones at different rates, if a child consistently lags in meeting milestones, it should be discussed with the pediatrician to determine if the child is delayed and in need of interventions. 

Parents and caregivers can use stimulating and age-appropriate activities to help children reach developmental milestones. They should also take proper childproofing measures to prepare for upcoming milestones, like removing breakables that are within reach before a baby becomes mobile.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Milestones