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NAN: Physical Development of 4 Year Olds

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Four year olds are continuing to develop gross motor skills. Four year olds can be found doing things like hopping or standing on one foot for up to 2 seconds, catching balls, skipping, pouring, cutting with supervision and mashing food.

Sports give children an opportunity to improve coordination, agility and self-confidence and many four year olds begin participating in formal sports like dance, t-ball, soccer, swimming, skating, gymnastics and skiing. In this age group, participation in these activities should not be forced, instruction should be age-appropriate and the focus should be on basic skills, safety and fun. 

Four year olds also continue to develop fine motor skills. A four year old can be expected to zip, button, fasten straps, snap easy snaps and dress independently. Four year olds may also be able to draw a stick person with two to four body parents, write letters and numbers, use scissors, draw a square and circle, copy letters and write their first and last name.

Nannies should share any concerns they have regarding the child’s physical development with the parents and encourage the parents to share this information with the child’s pediatrician. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Physical Development of 4 Year Olds