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NAN: Physical Development of Elementary Schoolers

Elementary school aged children become stronger as they gain muscle tone in their limbs, backs and shoulders. They also become more coordinated and have more stamina so they can dance, shoot baskets in lowered hoops, play ball and ride bikes well.

During the elementary school years, children become long and lean and their hair typically becomes darkerAccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics, permanent teeth usually begin erupting between ages 5 and 7 with the last coming in between 13 and 14 years of age. During middle childhood and the grade school years, children typically gain on average 6.5 pounds per year and a little over 2 inches in length per year.

Elementary school aged children continue to develop fine motor skills through writing, tracing, copying and drawing letters, numbers and shapes. They can control a pencil and paintbrush more as they learn to hold the utensil between their index finger, middle finger and thumb. They can also learn to tie shoes, knots and ropes, string beads and cook with supervision.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Physical Development of Elementary Schoolers