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NAN: Reasons for Misbehavior

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Every child will misbehave, but what causes a child to do so? There are four main reasons children misbehave. Children misbehave because they want something, because they want to get away with something, because they need attention or because they need a change of environment or sensory input.  In summary, children often like to be in control of their world and when they’re not, they’ll often protest.

For example, if a child wants a piece of candy in the checkout line of the grocery store and is told no, he may protest not getting what he wants by having a tantrum. If an older child is hiding the truth to avoid trouble, he may become irritable, cranky and act disrespectful.  And then there is the classic example of a child misbehaving as soon as you get on the phone. Why? Because he needs your attention. And let’s not forget the fact that even a caregiver with minimal experience can tell that an overtired, hungry and overstimulated child has a harder time behaving than one who is well rested, well-fed and experiences a regular change of scenery.

When a nanny is able to decode a child’s behavior she can better address the underlying reason for it. Once the reason for a behavior is determined; the nanny can take steps to resolve the underlying issue. 

Children who have a set daily routine and are well-rested and well-fed are less likely to misbehave. By implementing a daily routine nannies will naturally and positively guide a child’s behavior and minimize misbehavior. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Reasons for Misbehavior