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NAN: Repetitive Questions

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It can be hard to have patience when a toddler asks “Why?” “What’s that?” or “How come?” for the hundredth time, but these repeated questions are important learning tools for toddlers and should be responded to with age-appropriate responses.  By asking these and other repetitive questions children are clarifying their understanding of words, building memory and sometimes just checking-in as repetition breeds comfort in the toddler set.

At this stage of development, toddlers are also developing the cognitive ability to make logical connection between things and to understand why things happen. When a toddler continues to ask the same question, he is demonstrating his desire for more knowledge and information. By practicing patience when asked repetitive questions, nannies can foster curiosity and a desire to learn in children. By asking “What do you think?” type questions in response to repetitive queries, nannies can also encourage logical thinking, language skills and the sharing of ideas

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Repetitive Questions