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NAN: School Aged Children and Nature

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For school aged children, learning about their natural environment can be interesting. Measuring tools such as rulers, balances, measuring cups and sticks, chemistry sets, microscopes, barometers, thermometers, globes, maps, compasses and magnets can be used in the exploration of their environment and natural materials such as ponds, lakes, dirt and bugs. 

School aged children may enjoy going on nature walks, nature scavenger hunts and spending time observing nature and compiling their observations in a sketch book. They are also beginner cooks in the kitchen and many enjoy contributing to the family meals by prepping foods, measuring and mixing locally sourced ingredients.

When children express an interest in learning about nature, nannies can strive to create opportunities for exploration and discovery. Doing basic science experiments, visiting natural history museums and going on age and skill appropriate hikes can help to foster a child’s interest in nature. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: School Aged Children and Nature