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NAN: Second Degree Burns

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Second-degree burns are more serious and involve both the top and next layer of skin. The skin will be blistered, red and there may be pain and swelling. The burn area may look wet and shiny.

Second-degree burns are usually caused by chemicals, flames, scalds, sunburn or electricity.  Do not break any blisters. Second-degree burns can take three weeks or longer to heal if properly cared for. 

If a child has a chemical burn, the Mayo Clinic advises to remove the chemical source of the burn, remove the contaminated clothing or jewelry, rinse the burn for at least 10 minutes and be careful to protect the eyes. Loosely apply a bandage or gauze.   

In the instance of a chemical in the eye, flush the eye with warm, running tap water for at least 20 minutes. Lying the child in the bathtub or over a sink may make this process easier. If the child has contacts and they haven’t come out during flushing, ensure she removes them. Be sure she washes her hands first. 

Seek medical attention for second-degree, eye and chemical burns.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Second Degree Burns