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NAN: Signs of Social or Emotional Disconnection

Nannies should be aware of signs that a child is socially or emotionally disconnected from others.

During infancy, if a nanny observes behaviors such as an infant being resistant to touch or the infant having a lack of eye contact, she should share these observations with the parents who should be encouraged to mention them to the child’s pediatrician.

During the toddler years and preschool years, if a nanny observes that a child has sensitivity to touch or noises and has an inability to communicate, this information should also be shared with the parents and mentioned to the child’s pediatrician.

During the school years, if a nanny notices that a child is having trouble sleeping, sleeping longer than usual, is demonstrating destructive behavior or is withdrawing from peers or usual activities, a nanny should share this information with the parents and encourage them to mention it to the child’s pediatrician.

If a nanny notices subtle changes in a child’s behavior, this too should be shared with the parents. 

Anytime a nanny has a concern about the social and emotional health of the child in her care, she should share her observations and concerns with the parents. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Signs of Social or Emotional Disconnection