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NAN: Storing Formula

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Nannies should check the expiration date on each container of formula prior to preparing or serving it and be sure to follow the formula storage guidelines outlined on the container packaging. In general, liquid formula should be used within 48 hours of opening the container and powdered formula should be used within one month after the container has been opened.    

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: 

Prepared formula must be discarded within 1 hour after serving an infant. 

Prepared formula that has not been given to an infant may be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours to prevent bacterial contamination. 

An open container of ready-to-feed formula, concentrated formula or formula prepared from concentrated formula should be covered, refrigerated and discarded after 48 hours if not used.

Bottles can be heated in a bottle warmer or in a cup of warm water to bring the formula to the appropriate temperature. Nannies should always test the temperature of the formula on the inside of their wrist prior to serving it to the baby to avoid scalds or burns.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Storing Formula