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NAN: The Family Schedule: Nanny and Parent Communication

While nannies and families should have regularly scheduled meetings, they also should set aside a few minutes each day to exchange information about the children prior to exchanging custodial roles.

The information that is shared may depend on the age of the child and may include sleeping, eating and toileting patterns, changes in routine, behavior or mood, scheduling information for the day or any information that could aid the other in helping to provide consistent and quality care.

Once a child begins attending school or participating in activities outside of the home, the nanny should work with the parents to create a master calendar and system for tracking activities and who is responsible for ensuring that the child gets to said activities. Some families prefer to share an electronic calendar with their nanny for easy updating, others prefer a dry erase or paper calendar hung in a central place in the home.

Since children bring home many materials from school that need their parent’s attention, there should be a set system in place for ensuring that the information gets from the backpack to the parent and for information that needs to be returned to school back in the backpack. Using a dual pocket folder as an in and out box is an easy way to track information and ensure it gets where it needs to go.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: The Family Schedule: Nanny and Parent Communication