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NAN: The Family’s Moral Code

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Whether it’s written or not, each family has its own moral code. A family’s moral code is based on its value system, moral standards and religious beliefs and governs how a family lives. Each family’s moral code plays a role in determining what is and what is not acceptable in terms of the children’s behaviors.  While some things, like lying, will not be considered acceptable behavior in most families, playing violent video games, for example, may be acceptable in some families but not in others.

Nannies need to understand the family’s moral code so that they can best guide the children. Nannies and parents can’t predict and devise a plan for dealing with every childhood behavior and situation but if the nanny understands the family’s moral code, she can apply her understanding to deal with most any situation in a way that the parents would approve of.  

Michelle LaRoweNAN: The Family’s Moral Code