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NAN: Toddler Play

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Toddlers are doers and a lot of what they learn comes from doing. During the toddler years children learn through play. They master physical skills through games and fine motor skills through exploration. 

According to KidsHealth, besides sleeping, toddlers shouldn’t remain inactive for more than an hour. They should spend at least 90 minutes a day being physically active, 30 minutes of which should be nanny led and directed. 

During the toddler years children begin to engage in parallel play. They’ll sit beside each other as they play but will be interested in what the other children are doing. They’ll begin to take turns in play and in conversation. 

During the toddler years children’s emotions become more complex. They may feel embarrassed, prideful, shame, jealous, anxious and overconfident. Toddlers are limited by their vocabulary in their ability to express these complex emotions, but as nannies put words to their feelings and help them to identify them they’ll be able to better communicate how they feel. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Toddler Play