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NAN: Toys and Materials for Preschoolers

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Preschoolers will benefit from the opportunity to play with various types of dolls, doll clothes and accessories. Dress up clothes, props, puppets and even large cardboard boxes are great for supporting pretend play. Toys for pretending and building like magnetic tiles and wooden blocks, puppet theaters and sand and water toys can also support preschool play.

Nannies can encourage the use of stringing beads, lacing cards and patterned blocks to foster fine motor skill development. Matching games will boost cognitive skill development. Basic board games that do not involve strategic planning like children’s bingo featuring letters, numbers or images are also appropriate for this age group.

Nontoxic crafts supplies and items from nature including pine cones, sticks and leaves can be used to create artistic works of art. Nannies can also expose preschoolers to a variety of types of music. Preschoolers can play rhythm instruments like rhythm sticks and hand-drums. They may even enjoy making and watching video recordings of themselves singing or dancing.

Encouraging language and literacy building during play through providing appropriate materials can also help to foster development. While board and dry erase markers, for example, can be perfect for preschoolers to take food orders with when playing restaurant. 

During the preschool years some families may wish their children to be introduced to technology. Age and content appropriate interactive computer games or apps may be appropriate, depending on the family’s preferences.

If a preschooler has an interest in a specific area, like the arts, nannies can support that interest by providing age appropriate materials and opportunities for creative engagement and expression. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Toys and Materials for Preschoolers