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NAN: Toys and Materials for School Aged Children

School aged children like to create, so providing a variety of materials and supplies will encourage them to do so. School aged children may enjoy creating complex projects that require specialized skills, like those required for basic woodworking or sewing. School aged children may enjoy building complex structures with Legos or models with other materials.  

In addition to basic arts and crafts supplies, photography equipment, beads for jewelry and accessory making, leather working materials, plaster of Paris, wooden blocks, or materials to build forts typically interest children in this age group. 

School aged children may also enjoy informal organized activities and even participate in formal sports, dance, gymnastics, scouts or music education, depending on their interests. They also may enjoy board games that require strategy like Checkers or Monopoly. 

In addition to having toys and materials, school-aged children should have access to a variety of books. When children are able to read about things that interest them, they are likely to develop a habit of reading for pleasure.

Nannies should also ensure that school aged children have a safe place to spend time alone. Having a place to decompress and rest can help school aged children transition after a long and busy school day. 

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Toys and Materials for School Aged Children