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NAN: Working with Special Needs Children

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From a young age, nannies can help foster a child’s understanding and acceptance of the uniqueness of people by reading books that feature a variety of characters. Nannies can also help foster understanding and acceptance by creating an inclusive environment during play.  

Once children begin school they are exposed to a variety of different types of people. During school is often a time when a child is discovered to have special needs. 

Children may have delays or disabilities. Children with developmental delays will perform like younger children who do not have delays and children with disabilities will have specific challenges. Children with disabilities, for example, will have specific challenges as it relates to speaking, listening or writing. Children with physical disabilities may be blind or deaf, need assistive devices or have other physical challenges.  

There are a variety of physical, developmental and learning challenges that children may have. Like working with any child, nannies should be knowledgeable about the unique needs of the children in their care. Nannies who care for children with special needs should be proactive in ensuring they understand how to best care for the child. When nannies are proactive and strive to have open and honest conversations about best care practices, they can best meet the child’s needs. If a nanny feels that she needs additional resources or training to provide the highest level of customized care for the child, she should ask the parents for support and direction.

Michelle LaRoweNAN: Working with Special Needs Children