Core Content Areas for Nanny Training

Basic Child Safety

Learn the basic safety information all in-home childcare providers need to know to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and safety incidents to the children in their care.

Children’s Health

Gain a better understanding of children’s health to help you keep the children healthy, prevent the spread of illness and effectively care for mildly ill children.

Nutrition and the Young Child

Discover how you can best meet the nutritional needs of the children in your care through appropriate food choices and preparation.

Emergency Readiness

Prepare for a variety of emergencies that can occur when caring for children. This course is designed to supplement your formal first aid and CPR training.

The Physical Development of Children

Learn about the typical physical development of children and how you can help to ensure that the children in your care reach their full developmental potential.

The Cognitive Development of Children

Gain a deeper understanding of cognitive development and how you can beat support the cognitive growth of the children in your care.

Social and Emotional Development in Children

Learn the fundamentals of social and emotional development and strategies you can use to develop a positive and influential relationship with the children in your care.

Language and Literacy Development in Children

Discover the important role you play in the language and literacy development of the children you care for and the tools and resources you can use to foster positive language and literacy development.

Creating Environments that Encourage Learning

Learn the practical steps you can take to create an environment conductive to learning while caring for children in private homes.

The Importance of Routines in Childhood

Discover why routines are important and how you can develop meaningful daily routines that will benefit the children in your care.

Discipline in Nanny Care

Learn how to set age and developmentally appropriate behavioral expectations and discover strategies you can use to help the children in your care live up to them.

Special Situations and Professionalism

Prepare to encounter some of the special situations you may face as a nanny and learn how to successfully navigate them when working in your employer’s home.

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