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Adolescents (12-16)

Teenagers understand what cancer is and can grasp the medical aspects. However, they may be misinformed about some things and they may end up hiding their feelings, taking their frustrations out on family members. Disruptions to their social, school and extracurricular activities may also lead to anger.

For this age group, the possibility of anxiety and depression can be a concern. Children may engage in risk-taking behaviours as a reaction to their distress and confusion.

How to help:

  • Encourage families to be open and honest with their communication, encouraging children to express their emotions without censure. Maintain routines and activities as much as possible.
  • Give them privacy, support their peer relationships and be patient with responses that may feel inappropriate or misguided. Talk to parents about the fact that anger is a normal reaction. If teens don’t want to talk to their parents, having a trusting relationship with a Nanny Angel will be of a benefit. Involve children in mom’s care – helping her can keep them feeling connected and give them a sense of control in a scary time.