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Child Life Specialist (CLS)

NAN’s Child Life Specialist (CLS) is trained to help children and families navigate life-changing, emotionally demanding events like a mother’s cancer illness. Our CLS will meet with the parent or guardian to establish a baseline of the child’s understanding of their mother’s cancer.  She will create customized programming for the children in your care, will read your post-visit reports and will help you navigate challenges along the way.  Our CLS will also be available to:

  • Support you as you help children manage their emotions, develop coping strategies and build emotional resilience.
  • Help answer children’s questions and clarify misconceptions.
  • Identify developmentally-appropriate language to help explain cancer.
  • Provide tools and activities that build on children’s interests and skills, and help them understand and cope with their mom’s cancer.
  • Guide you as you support a family through emotional upheaval, grief and bereavement.