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Graduation Process

Set a graduation date. In consultation with our Child Life Specialist and the family will collaborate to decide on the best time to bring your service to a close.

Prepare the children. Let the children know you won’t be coming weekly as a Nanny Angel anymore. Be clear that it’s not because you don’t care about them, but because another family needs you now and that they are doing so well. Emphasize that there will always be someone there to take care of them.

Pick a special activity. Choose something fun that focuses on your relationship with them. Make a countdown calendar, create some art out of all your handprints, make a memory box, put together a collage or photo album, or decorate a picture frame and put a photo of you and the children in it.

Write a graduation note. NAN will send you a blank goodbye card for you to write in and share with the family. You can sign it, add a personal note if you like, and hand-deliver it on your last visit.