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Helping a Child Navigate Grief con’t

Child Life Specialist as a support. Nanny Angel Network has Child Life Specialist professional who is trained in helping children navigate their grief. The Child Life Specialist is able to support children and engage them in meaningful conversations in helping them understand and cope with their feelings. Our Child Life Specialist is able to support you as you engage the children in your care in these types of conversations.

Be consistent. Children thrive on routines and will feel reassured when they know what to expect in terms of who is taking care of them, what they’re eating and their overall daily schedule.

Keep the connection to mom alive. Make it clear that it’s okay to talk about her. Encourage children to share their happy memories of things they did together, what they loved most about her, etc. Look at photos and watch videos and remind them how much she loved them. It will help them understand that she continues to live on in their memories.

Offer them keepsakes. Encourage the guardian of the children to let them choose something of their mom’s – a sweater she loved, a scarf that smells like her perfume or a necklace she wore often. These tangible objects help them hold on to her memory and give them something comforting and familiar to touch and to hold.

The NAN Handbook for Volunteers has additional information for your review.