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Impact of Cancer on the Mom

 A cancer diagnosis can impact one emotionally, financially, socially, physically and cognitively.

When a mom is diagnosed with cancer, is undergoing treatment, or is facing end of life, she is experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. These may include sadness, depression, fear, anger, confusion, anxiety, impatience and denial.

She may have many physical symptoms related to her emotional state such as lack of appetite, fatigue or exhaustion. Her ability to focus or concentrate may be greatly affected. Cancer may affect her social relationships too. Some women withdrawal from their friends and some friends and family withdrawal based on their own ability to cope. This can be extremely isolating. Cancer can affect relationships with partners, especially when surgeries impact body image and self-confidence. Many relationships do not survive and this increases social isolation and depression.

Cancer also impacts a mom’s ability to work, pay bills and maintain their lifestyle. They also cannot afford childcare, which affects their ability to attend medical appointments, rest and recover. Losing their income can exacerbate their feelings of sadness and self-worth.