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Nanny Angel Activity Bag

Once you have been matched with a NAN family, you will receive your Nanny Angel Activity Bag. Our ‘Mary Poppins’ bag is customized to the ages and needs of the children in your care. It is full of carefully selected toys, supplies and tools outlined in each child’s care plan designed by our Child Life Specialist.

If you are available to pick up your activity bag at the office please make arrangements by emailing If not, we will mail your bag to you. Your activity bag can be refilled every 8-10 weeks – visit our online store ( and your supplies will be mailed or couriered to you. The toys, activities and supplies you use with the children in your care are to be left in the home after each visit, both for the children to continue to use and for sanitary purposes. All activities and materials are free of charge. Should you terminate your relationship with NAN please return all remaining toys and supplies.