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Preparing for Your First Visit

Be punctual. Arrive on time with a smile and positive attitude, always wearing your Nanny Angel uniform.

Stay flexible. Mom might not be the one to answer the door. If she’s resting, you may be interacting with another parent, grandparent or caregiver. The goal is for the primary parent or guardian to be present however things don’t always go as planned.

Be understanding. Mom may be a bit apprehensive about our visit. If she seems cautious, it may be because she has never left her children with anyone other than family. Introduce yourself and reassure her by talking about your experience working with children. This shall pass as she observes you with her children and you are able to build a trusting relationship.

Get to know the children. Mirror the children’s behaviour. They may also be very apprehensive and cautious and may not have been told much about why you are there. A gentle approach while they are getting to know you is best. Ask them about their day or focus on any interests you read about in their family profile. You will receive a profile from our Family Experience Coordinator.

Be observant. Take note of how mom is coping with her diagnosis or treatment and how the children are responding to her, and to each other. Be aware of the play areas to make sure they are child safe.

After your first visit. Once you’ve entered your feedback into NANapply, the Family Experience Coordinator will follow up to confirm that both you and the family are happy with the match. The Family Experience Coordinator will book the next four visits. You will receive reminders by email and you must respond confirming these visits.