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Useful Phrases

There is no perfect time to talk to children about cancer, but it’s never too late. Children will always benefit from being included in the cancer journey even if they are included halfway through treatment, during recovery, or at the time of palliative care. Remember to be honest. Share your anxieties about not sharing this information sooner and be prepared to manage their anger or frustration in being excluded. It’s important to acknowledge that you will continue to include them in the conversation moving forward.

Here are some useful phrases from The Moms’ Cancer Conversation, a resource created by the Nanny Angel Network. You learn more here – A Unit 3 Moms’ Cancer Conversation . It’s also included in your toolkit so you can share it with parents – it offers ideas for explaining things in language children will understand. For more guidance, the Canadian Cancer Society’s website has a lot of helpful information, and, has specific advice about talking to children, as well as a customizable conversation guide.