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Your Responsibilities con’t

Build independence. While you aren’t expected to do housekeeping or cooking for the children, you can help them develop habits such as making their beds, tidying their toys or folding laundry. Not only does it help children become more independent, it enables them to help their mom as she recovers. Baking and assisting in meal preparation can lead to teachable moments and easy conversation together.
Embrace diversity. Nanny Angels support families of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, compositions, and lifestyles. You may end up being matched with a family with a background or values very different from yours. Please be aware of your own values, biases and beliefs, and ensure they do not influence the quality of the care you provide.

Maintain confidentiality. Any personal or health information about any participants in the NAN program, including parents and guardians, children, and our NAN volunteers is strictly confidential. You have signed a non-disclosure agreement before becoming a volunteer to protect the privacy of all parties.