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Your Responsibilities

Provide four hours of childcare every week. Your commitment to a specific family is for four hours a week for the duration of a mom’s cancer journey. Punctuality and professionalism is very important. As a professional Nanny Angel, we require you to show up on time for each visit wearing your NAN uniform. Regular attendance at your booked visits is mandatory unless unforeseen circumstances occur. When necessary, we expect you to cancel visits at least 24 hours in advance. NAN families are also asked to provide at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellations or changes.

Engage the children in your care. Be prepared. You will be provided with an initial supply of toys and activities that you can do with the children in your care. Always bring your Nanny Angel Activity Bag with you to your visits. You may also order additional items at our online store, which is free of change. (

You and the children in your care will engage in fun, age appropriate and NAN approved activities together. Show interest in each child, recognizing them as individuals. Although younger children may appear to need you more, remember that older ones may simply not be communicating their needs or anxieties as openly. If you have signed permission to take the children outside, build outdoor play into your visits. Children with sick moms may be spending too much time indoors. Playing outside provides lots of health benefits and gives children the opportunity to release their energy through physical activities.

Maintain a consistent routine. Children find consistency reassuring, especially in a time of upheaval. Stick to their routines as much as you can, and keep familiar toys and comfort objects on hand.

Give children a safe space to talk about their feelings. Encourage children to share what they’re feeling by drawing, role playing or asking questions. Respond honestly to questions with simple, accurate, age-appropriate language. Help build self-esteem and emotional resilience by validating their feelings and teaching them how to name, express and regulate those feelings. NAN’s Child Life Specialist can provide suggestions and programming support.