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Your Role

You will be supporting moms with cancer by providing warm, professional childcare that gives mom guilt-free time to rest and recover or to attend medical or personal appointments. You will be engaging children with activities, giving them a safe place to express their feelings, offering extra support to those struggling with anger or anxiety, or helping a family through the pain of losing their mom. Your commitment and passion for our mission will make a significant difference to the whole family.

NAN and the families we serve will be counting on your deep commitment of time and energy – and, in turn, we will support you with all the education, training, emotional support and resources you will need to help families in crisis.

Once you’ve finished your online training, group training and have completed all of your requirements (valid Vulnerable Sector Police Clearance and current CPR and First Aid Certification), you will be added to our database as an available Nanny Angel, ready to be assigned to a family in need of support. This section includes an overview of your responsibilities and the resources NAN provides.