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Your Second Visit

There are some important things you will need to know as a volunteer Nanny Angel. During your second visit we encourage you to find out the answers to the following questions:

• Where are the emergency phone numbers? If mom does not have a list, make one.

• Where are the first aid items (Band-Aids, gauze, etc.) kept?

• Who is allowed to answer the phone (you/the children)?

• Will you be driving the children to or from school or activities? If so, have you and the family signed the NAN liability form? Check for this. Make sure you have a copy of the signed liability form.

• What are the household rules? Are any areas off-limits to the children?

• What are the rules for playing outside? Are the children allowed in the backyard, front yard, laneways, etc.?

• Where can you find things that the children need to go outside with (hat, sunscreen, water bottle, coats, boots, mitts, etc.)?

• What are the children’s routines? When is nap time, meal time, snack time, bed time, and what happens at each time?

• What are the younger children’s toilet or diaper routines? Where can you find diapers, wipes, etc.?

• Where can you find paper towels and other cleaning supplies if there’s a spill or mess?